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Salvelinus fontinalis
Technically a char, the scientific name for the Brook Trout roughly translates as "little salmon of the springs", named for its dependence on cold, clear water.  The Brook Trout is the only 'trout' native to the streams of Pennsylvania and is Pennsylvania's official State Fish.  It is also the State Fish of eight other states, a testament to its popularity.
The Brook Trout's voracious appetite gives them the reputation for being gullible and easy to catch.  This makes them a favorite for Kid's Fishing Contests where a lot of action is always a must.   Because they eat anything,  they are a great choice for any kind of bait or type of fishing.  They make an excellent catch for beginning and advanced fisherman alike.
Salmo trutta
The Brown Trout scientific name literal means 'salmon trout'.  The Brown Trout is originally from Europe and was introduced into North America in 1880's where it has established naturally reproducing populations.
The Brown Trout  has earned the reputation of being one the most challenging opponents a trout angler can face. They are cautious, discriminating and, especially the larger specimens, reclusive, making them difficult to hook. And when they are enticed to strike, they are strong fighters that tend to head for cover. They are prized by all anglers but particularly by fly fisherman.
Oncorhynchus mykiss
Rainbow Trout, along with the Pacific salmon,  are in the genus Oncorhynchus, or 'hooked nose'  in reference to the hooked lower jaws (or kype) of adult males.  The species name, mykiss, is the derived from the local name for the rainbow trout in Siberia where the first specimens were documented.

The Rainbow Trout's widespread availability and well-known acrobatic fighting abilities make it one of the most popular game fish.
Oncorhynchus mykiss var. Golden
Golden Rainbow Trout are a color variation of Rainbow Trout that were developed in West Virginia in the 1950's.   The less attractive  greenish- yellow Palomino Trout is the offspring of a Golden Rainbow and  Rainbow Trout.
Golden Rainbow Trout offer a special beauty and are certainly attention getters. Their best role is in getting kids excited and are a favorite at children's fishing contests.  However, their bright color is easily spotted by predators so they usually don't last long outside of the hatchery. The debate is still raging over whether they are harder for anglers to catch than a regular colored rainbow.
Salmo trutta X Salvelinus fontinalis
Tiger Trout are a sterile cross between a Brown Trout and a Brook Trout.   Although possible, wild Tiger Trout are extremely rare.

Tiger Trout are highly regarded by anglers because of their aggressiveness to strike, beautiful coloration, and strong fighting abilities.